HSMBB Board Members


Anne Marie Crinnion '20 (Chair)

Anne Marie is a junior in Dunster studying Psychology on the MBB track. She loves studying language and is increasingly interested in cognitive modeling, spending the past two years applying graph theory to acoustic data. She’s also a group fitness instructor and teaches indoor cycling classes at the MAC and Hemenway. During her free time, she likes to listen to country music, talk about fricatives, and workout.

Sandip Nirmel '21 (Vice Chair)

Sandip Nirmel is a sophomore in Dunster House concentrating in Computer Science on the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track. He is fascinated by the artificial intelligence revolution and its applications in everything from self-driving cars to finance to healthcare. You can often find him reading up on the newest tech trends and start-ups. In his free time, Sandip also enjoys listening to oldies songs and going on really long road trips. He is always up for a thought-provoking conversation!

Gabe Grand '18

Gabe is a recent graduate of Pforzheimer House pursuing the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track of Computer Science. He studies the interdisciplinary intersection between computer science, language, and cognition. His areas of focus include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. Gabe is a research assistant at the Fedorenko Lab at MIT, where he studies the semantic properties of word-vector models. In his free time, he enjoys sci-fi (especially cheesy Hollywood portrayals of AI), rowing on the Charles River, and traveling.

Jesse Barrera '20

Nadeen Odeh '20

Danny Ragheb '20

Danny is currently a junior studying neurobiology and living in Currier. He is an EMT on campus, and also performs in improv comedy. He enjoys basketball and football (both watching and playing), long walks on the beach, and romance novels. His favorite color is blue (like the sky on a happy, sunny day right before sunset).

Jonathan Garzon '21

Jonathan is a sophomore in Winthrop House pursuing the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track of Neuroscience with a secondary in Chemistry. Originally from Newark, NJ, he has always had a fascination with the brain and a deep interest in the study of chemistry. His wide variety of interests include the biochemical composition of the brain, the psychology of decision making in the mentally ill, and the origins and progression of neurodegenerative and psychological diseases. Jonathan is also involved in The Harvard Crimson, the Harvard College Undergraduate Research Association (HCURA), and Alzheimer's Buddies. In his free time, you can find him at The Harvard Crimson chatting and laughing with friends or at Yamato's!

Rebecca Hao '20

Rebecca is a junior in Currier studying Computer Science and Linguistics with a secondary in Neuroscience. She loves exploring the intersections of brain, language, and technology -- especially in the realms of our brain representations of language (audition and semantics, through computational neuroscience and language models), and natural language processing. When available, she can be found kicking as high as she can (Taekwondo), singing Asian pop (FUSIAN), dancing (AADT), having late night convos with roommates and friends, or curled up with a good book!