HSMBB Board Members


Gabe Grand '18 (Chair)

Gabe is a junior in Pforzheimer House pursuing the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track of Computer Science. He studies the interdisciplinary intersection between computer science, language, and cognition. His areas of focus include artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. Gabe is a research assistant at the Fedorenko Lab at MIT, where he studies the semantic properties of word-vector models. This upcoming summer, Gabe will work at Google as a Software Engineering Intern. In his free time, he enjoys sci-fi (especially cheesy Hollywood portrayals of AI), rowing on the Charles River, and traveling.

Kayla Evans '19 (Vice Chair)

Kayla is a sophomore in Adams House who is originally from Douglasville, Georgia. She’s been fascinated by the brain for quite a long time - beginning with her fifth grade science fair project – and here at Harvard, she is studying Linguistics through the Mind, Brain, Behavior Track. Kayla is always excited to talk about topics such as: the relationship between language and cognition, artificial intelligence, and social psychology. In her free time, Kayla enjoys going to concerts in Boston, life-hacking with the Franklin Fellowship, and eating Thai food!

Sarp Gurakan '19

Sarp is a sophomore in Cabot Hall from Istanbul, Turkey. He is interested in many aspects of Mind, Brain and Behavior, including, but not limited, to cognition, psychology, linguistics, and machine learning. He is studying Computer Science on the MBB track, with a secondary in Philosophy. On campus, he is a member of The Harvard Lowkeys, a co-ed a capella group. He is also Co-president of the Harvard Turkish Society. He likes coffee, music and he lives for good conversations.

Avanti Nagral '20

Avanti is a Freshman in Hurlbut Hall from Boston (MA) and Bombay (India) interested in studying Psychology/Cognitive Science and Global Health/Health Policy. Avanti is also a Performing Artist and Singer/Songwriter, and combines her experience across various genres – Indian Classical, Broadway, Church/Gospel and Devotional – into a modern Pop-Soul sound. She has performed in several Broadway Show reproductions, concerts and events, was nominated for Best Actress at the National Theater Awards in India, has performed at venues across India, recorded a pop-devotional English-Sanskrit fusion album and will be releasing her debut single/EP in 2017. She is particularly interested in the intersection of MBB, Social Impact, Empowerment & Policy, Music and Development issues.

Patrick Pan '18

Patrick Pan is a junior in Dunster House studying Computer Science on the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track. He is interested in artificial intelligence, especially as inspired by the human brain, and is strongly passionate about the intersection and interaction between computer science, biology, and art and creativity. Patrick also studies Piano Performance in the Harvard-New England Conservatory program. In his free time, Patrick enjoys web development, photography, drinking coffee, and DJing for the the Classical department of WHRB, Harvard's radio station.

Billy Schmitt '19

Billy is a sophomore in Kirkland House studying Neurobiology with the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track with a secondary in Computer Science. He is interested in the intersection of neuroscience, psychology and technology and how their potential for rehabilitative and enhancement purposes. The past two years, he worked at the National Center for Adaptive Neurotechnologies the past two years on Brain-Computer Interfaces that allow individuals in a locked-in state to communicate. On campus, he works at the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory, and enjoys reading, any kind of tea, and long conversations in the dhall.

Julia Shea '20

Julia is a freshman from Belmont, Massachusetts pursuing the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track of Neurobiology and considering a secondary in Comparative Religion. She is especially interested in the intersection of Buddhism and psychology/neuroscience. Besides HSMBB, Julia is involved in Club Swimming, The Crimson, and Greek life. In her free time, Julia enjoys traveling and eating good food with good friends.

Layla Stahr '17

Layla is a junior in Mather House pursuing the Mind, Brain, and Behavior track of Neurobiology and a secondary in Economics. Layla is especially interested in topics involving decision neuroscience, circuitry dysfunction, and the intersection of neuroscience and economics. In her free time, Layla enjoys learning about international issues, working with the Harvard International Review and the Women’s Initiative in Leadership, traveling, and exploring Boston.

Saul Urbina-Johanson '19

Saul is a sophomore at Dunster House studying Cognitive Neuroscience & Evolutionary Psychology with a tentative secondary in either Visual & Environmental Studies or Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies. While Saul is interested in all things MBB, he has particular liking for epigenetic connections to psychopathology and the potential applications of neuroscience in legislation. On campus, he is involved with The Crimson, Boston Children's Hospital, and Club Swimming. Coming from Southern California, Saul enjoys to bask in the sun by the Charles River and go around photographing Boston and Cambridge.

Saloni Vishwakarma '19

Saloni is a Sophomore in Quincy House who is from New York City, New York. She is very interested in the intersection between the brain and technology, so she is concentrating in Neurobiology and pursuing a secondary in Computer Science. Outside of HSMBB, Saloni is involved in the Harvard Biotechnology Association, the South Asian Association, and Circle of Women. During her free time, she loves trying new coffee places, swimming, and going to museums in Boston.